Darko Novakovic, Grand Abode

Boarding Pass




4 months


Tampa, Florida, United States


Project Manager
Front End Developers
Back End Developers

QA Engineer


Our client approached us with the concept of Border Pass (BP), a web application aimed at unifying property rental experiences. They required a platform that facilitated easy guest verification, contract signing, and payment of security deposits, all with a user-friendly interface. Key features included access to property details, digital door unlocking, and options to enhance stays with additional services. The client’s vision was to simplify and elevate the property rental process, making it seamless and engaging for both owners and guests.


Diverse Platform Integration

A primary challenge was integrating multiple property renting platforms into a single, seamless user interface. Adapting to various data formats and features required a sophisticated integration approach, ensuring a consistent and reliable user experience across different services.

Real-Time Data Synchronization

The second significant challenge was ensuring real-time synchronization of data across all integrated platforms. This was crucial for maintaining up-to-date property information, availability, and guest details. Our team had to devise a system that could efficiently process and update information instantly, providing users with the most current data for a seamless rental experience.

The Most Interesting Features

Verification and Digital Contract Signing

Our seamless verification system allows guests to easily upload IDs and selfies, ensuring secure and swift confirmation. Paired with this is our digital contract signing feature, which replaces paper hassles with a few quick taps. This blend of security and convenience not only saves time but transforms the rental experience into something smooth, secure, and remarkably user-friendly.

Check-In Steps with Smart Access

Our app guides guests through simple check-in steps, offering detailed information including digital pins for doors and gates. The ability to unlock doors and gates through the app not only adds a layer of convenience but also enhances safety. This smart access feature ensures that entering your rented space is hassle-free and secure, starting your stay on a note of comfort and ease.

Tailored Add-Ons

We' introduced a way for client to purchase a range of upsell items, easily accessible within the app. Whether it's indulging in the luxury of a heated pool, scheduling a mid-stay cleaning for added comfort, or exploring other curated amenities, our platform puts these extras at your fingertips.

“This journey of innovation is not just about technology, it’s about the people we connect and the experiences we enrich. As we continue to evolve, our commitment remains the same - to empower users with a platform that is as trustworthy as it is transformative...”

Viktor Pesic, Aleos Digital