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ePass Mobile And Web




3 months


Lusaka, Zambia


Team Lead
Project Manager
UI/UX Designer
Front End Developers
Back End Developers
QA Engineer


ePass, a Zambian company, needed a simple yet powerful solution to make paying for fuel and tolls easy for their customers. They wanted a friendly mobile app where people could quickly check their balance and pay on the go. For their team, they needed a straightforward web platform to keep track of sales and manage everything smoothly. The goal was to blend these two platforms seamlessly, making life easier for both their customers and staff.

Mobile Application

Balance Management

Seamless balance checking and recharging via multiple methods, including SMS and credit card payments.

Card Services

Easy ordering and recharging of ePass cards, with options for personalized delivery.​

Transaction Tracking​

Detailed history of transactions and orders with real-time updates.​

Notification System

Automated real-time notifications for low balances, orders statuses and and other important account activities.​

Profile Management

Allowing users to update key personal details. Each change requires verification through a one-time password (OTP) to ensure security and authenticity of the user's identity.​

Real-Time tolls and fuel prices

Latest updates on toll charges and fuel prices across various stations​

Web Application

Dashboard And Reporting

Advanced dashboards displaying sales over time, transactions by date ranges, station-specific sales and more.


Real-time tracking of transactions, payments, and expenses. Detailed financial reporting for eToll and eFuel services.​

User Management

Advanced management of user accounts, card orders, and allocations. ​

Orders Management

Seamless balance checking and recharging via multiple methods, including SMS and credit card payments.​

Dynamic user roles

Distinct roles for Initiators, Approvers, and Admins, with an approval system for major actions.​

Audits and Approvals

Enhanced security protocols and audit logs for all administrative actions. All actions on the systems are logged and sent to administrator to review and Approve.


Payment Integration: Navigating Complex Architectures

A key challenge was integrating mobile payments via SMS into our platform. The complexity lay in syncing these payments with both the front-end and back-end systems. Due to pre-existing architectural constraints, ensuring that user payments were processed automatically and accurately required innovative solutions and meticulous system redesign.

Undocumented Code with Complex Architecture

The existing codebase was undocumented and featured a highly complex architecture. This complexity was compounded by the discovery of additional functions operating on the cloud, previously unknown to our team or client.

“ePass stands as a groundbreaking application, uniquely designed to streamline and modernize the way individuals and businesses in Zambia handle their fuel and toll payments. This application, available both as a sophisticated web platform for ePass staff and an intuitive mobile app for clients, transforms everyday transactions into a hassle-free experience.”

Viktor Cvetanovic, CTO